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With all of the ups and downs that we experienced as a world in 2014 it’s pretty difficult to foresee exactly where we’ll end up in January of 2015 let alone the middle or end of 2015.  Thank the heavens that we’re not obligated to forecast the future, but what you can do here is scroll down.  Here we look back on 2014 and have a look at some of the best mixes this year had to offer.  Much like the roller coaster that was this past year, the best mixes of the year are global in origin and cover damn near every genre of dance music one could expect.  So wait no longer and jump into the best mixes you should’ve known about but may have had no idea of.


Red Bull Music Academy Train Wreck Mix : OL

Those who know know…and folks not too familiar might not have the slightest idea that Russia is known for its house scene.  The country formerly known as the USSR is not however known for its soul.  Enter progressive up and coming muscovite producer, OL.  The biggest complaint many have about House music is that it is painfully repetitive driving droves of people to the point of borderline insanity.  The good news is that OL will drive you crazy with this mix, and the great news is that it is so soulful and funky with spaced out riffs that will leave you with an hour of productivity regardless of what you’re trying to accomplish.  OL’s train wreck mix is anything but abrasive and rocky while remaining smooth and uplifting.



Laruchemix #22 – Neguim Beats

Mann listen…I honestly don’t know about Parisian record label, Laruche, but I do know that NeguimBeats put together a mix that could help any two humans make the prettiest babies in life period.  This almost seemingly sci-fi inspired jazzy “trap” mix is great for power….power nap, power green, or power baby making…not by force but with glorious strength all the same.  Lookout for future posts regarding more work from this Brazilian beatsmith.



Mixpak FM 074: Air Max 97

Of all the mixes listed in this 2014 list, the Mixpak FM mix by Air Max 97 is most definitely the one that hits the ground running and doesn’t stop even after it’s over.  This chap right here put together a hype ass mix of what can only be described as what music heads would listen to working for the Galactic Empire on the Death Star.  Healthy dose of original production from the Nikehead himself as well as drill music, ballroom, club, techno and more!  If you’re trying to get fly for July listen to this mix.  If shorty’s ready to key your car or burn your house down…play this as low as possible.



Mania Mag Mix: Shaunic

As we proceed down this list we move on to the smoover (yes smoover) side of North America in what other place than Canada?  The man who is as equally talented as he is unknown FOR NOW…Shaunic came through and provided a thorough ass blessing for Mania Mag. This 42 minute mix is a jazzy spin on house, hip-hop, and club records both new and classic.  Always ready for something classy yet crunk sonically from the Vancouver resident whether it’s involving his mixes or original production.  This one’s for the young and old folks alike who want something eerily familiar that won’t have you looking like you’re drowning in a pool of average.  Enjoy.



The Do-Over LA: Four Color Zack

Most music enthusiasts can appreciate a producer or dj whose expertise lies in a particular genre.  What we appreciate more than that on our side of the tracks is one whose strength is his/her versatility.  That’s exactly why Four Color Zack rounds out the top mixes of 2014.  The 2013  Red Bull 3style world champion seamlessly weaves in and out of genres without missing a beat going from Waka to Green Day to Kendrick to T-Pain in less than 3 minutes.  When it comes down to it…at the end of the day all that matters is that the crowd that came to see you had the best time possible.  There’s no number that can accurately describe how many colors this DJ can rock.  If you have no DJ for your New Years Eve, just pop this on and let loose.


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