He Comes in Peace

Despite only having listened to one song thus far, we can say two things for sure regarding Salva’s latest album.

1. Considering that name of the album (although spelled differently) we are immediately reminded of Hip-Hop living legend, Tony Touch.

2. Salva has been holding it DOWN displaying exceptional range sonically with his recent releases and the precedent is present for all willing to acknowledge.

With these things in mind, it’s quite safe to say that expectations are high…very high. Since his Mercy remix with colleague RL Grime catapulted him on the scene, the Los Angeles based DJ an producer has provided the Midas treatment to any and everything he’s laced.  His devotion to Hip-Hop is also quite apparent with rappers featured on all but 2 tracks on his 13 track LP.  Ok, so that’s probably enough sentences for a blog post, so hurry up and stream PEACEMAKER below or download it for free riiight here.


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